Shed Some Noise studio has been built by a musician, for musicians, offering a cosy recording environment for both solo artists/duo's and full bands.
To get the best possible sound, we would ask bands to record in stages, e.g. drums and bass, then guitar and vocals. It also saves the rest of the band waiting while the guitarist does 17 takes to get the "perfect" solo (and yes I'm a guitarist myself!)

We will capture all of your requirements prior to the session so the equipment we have is set up and ready to rock when you arrive. Please get in touch if you would like details of the equipment we have available.

If you require a backing track for your session, these can be sourced for you from an online supplier. Alternatively we can record the backing track from scratch using professional musicians if your budget would allow this. Once we have gathered your requirements, we will provide a full and formal quotation detailing the costs of your session.